Water Births

Here at Bakersfield Birth Center, we offer healthy, low-risk mothers the opportunity to experience an alternative birthing method away from the hustle and bustle of a hospital room. Our midwives are trained to provide water births, a birthing option in which the expecting mother sits in a birth tub filled with warm water while in labor. The benefits of a water birth include easing pain during labor, diminishing the need of anesthesia, and the potential to speed up labor. Our midwives encourage our clients to participate in the decision-making and planning, and they attend and facilitate labor and birth, whether it is at our birthing center or in your home. Postnatal checks are also established, ensuring the continued health of you and your baby. To learn more about our variety of birthing options, please give us a call at Bakersfield Birth Center today.


Bakersfield Birth Center Assists with Water Births in Bakersfield, CA
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