Home Births

Here at Bakersfield Birth Center, we strive to make your birthing journey as safe, memorable, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. We understand that you may be most comfortable in your home which is why if you are a healthy, low-risk woman, you may be a candidate for home birth. Home births can decrease the stressors involved with birthing in a hospital such as unfamiliar healthcare professionals or standard medical protocols.

Clinical studies show that planned home birth for low-risk women in North America, using Certified Professional Midwives, are associated with lower rates of medical intervention when compared with low-risk hospital births. If you decide on a home birth, our clinical director and founder, Justine, will come to your home and stay with you throughout your labor and birth, facilitating positions, and additional birthing techniques that allow for the most safe, comfortable, and mother-baby friendly delivery possible. Give Bakersfield Birth Center a call today for more information regarding home births.


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