A doula can serve as a pregnant and laboring mother’s best form of support, education, and encouragement.This support can reduce a mother’s need for medical interventions during labor, which will reduce her risk of complications down the line. This type of personalized labor support has been proven to increase the chances of having a natural, vaginal birth as well as a vaginal birth after a C-Section (VBAC).

Our doula services include two prenatal visits and devoted attention and support throughout your labor and delivery. In addition to labor support, your doula can serve as a liaison between you, your birthing partner and the medical staff when and if necessary. This allows you the necessary space and support to focus on your needs during labor. Once your baby is born, your doula will stay by your side to provide breastfeeding support. Please don't hesitate to contact Bakersfield Birth Center for more information.


Bakersfield Birth Center is a Doula in Bakersfield, CA
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