Prenatal Care

Here at Bakersfield Birth Center, we make prenatal care a top priority. From the moment you become pregnant, your body is the source of all your baby’s nourishment. A typical schedule of prenatal checkups goes as follows:

  • Beginning of pregnancy - 32 weeks: Meeting once a month
  • 32 weeks - 36 weeks: Meeting every two weeks
  • 36 weeks - birth: Meeting once a week

Midwives provide support as well as monitor any changes occurring for you and baby during prenatal checkups. We educate you about your pregnancy, prenatal nutrition, and everything else you need or want to know about your changing body and growing baby. We additionally provide standard prenatal testing (lab fees and ultrasound are not included in our midwifery fees), as well as routine newborn screening. For more information regarding our prenatal care, please give Bakersfield Birth Center a call today.


Bakersfield Birth Center Provides Prenatal Care in Bakersfield, CA
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